AxeMan in Free-fall
In 2007 Howard Saunders left a full-time job after thirty years of service. His safety net was a union pension and a small house in Hudson, NY. What he would do with his new found freedom was unclear, but he vowed never to take a paying job in which he did not have total control of his words and images. In his faux graphic memoir,  AxeMan Who Will be 70 in the Year 2010, he is adopted by an anthropomorphized alter ego. He is now pushing forward to develop AxeMan Who Hopes to be 80 in the Year 2020. In the guise of the Knight of the Living Dread, AxeMan is preoccupied with medical procedures. Though in reasonably good health, he passed through an MRI where he developed X-ray vision. He now has a lens through which to view the early onset of just about everything. His stories are often oblique, but he doesn’t care about that. He has a fantasy epitaph – a three-dot ellipsis, but he will probably opt for cremation when the time is near. Such a conundrum.

AxeMan begins journey

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