The Genesis: AxeMan the First

AxeMan is Howard Saunders’ alter ego. AxeMan was born in 2009 on brown paper bags in Cape Cod over the Memorial Day weekend. He is the anti-hero of the faux graphic memoir, AxeMan Who Will be 70 in the Year 2010, published with funding from kickstarter.  This 46″ x 54″ collage is the first iteration of the graphic memoir. But even before AxeMan hit the brown paper bags his genesis had already begun.

AxeMan was born on brown paper bags on Cape Cod

Thirty-six years earlier, Saunders had been traveling with a companion. In Aspen, she introduced him to an architect who (she thought) had implied that he might be open to sharing his sprawling home on the banks of the Roaring Forks River. The companion went to visit old friends while Saunders wandered about. No corner, no space was not occupied by an immovable tableaux. He went outside and sat on a large tree stump.  AxeMan's earliest steps.There are two kinds of people on the world; talkers and doersThe architect appeared. “Find a spot?” he said. “Not really,” Saunders replied, thinking the offer had never been serious. The architect picked up a log from the adjacent pile and began chopping. After several logs had been split and quartered he walked to the river bank and dropped the long- handled axe. He unzipped his shorts, pissed into the river, zipped up, grabbed the axe and walked toward Saunders. He brought the axe over his head and buried it in a nearby stump. He said, “There’s two kinds of people in the world; Talkers and doers. You’re a talker.”  AxeMan Speaks is both a blog and a kind of template for developing AxeMan (a talker and a doer) Who Hopes to be 80 in the Year 2020

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