Howard Saunders
Non-Linear Visual Narrator

Howard Saunders was born in 1940 in NYC. In 1953 his traveling salesman father moved the family to Atlanta. He entered the University of Georgia in 1957, dropping out in 1961 to join the Navy. His active duty ended as the Viet Nam war was just beginning. He waited for the call back that never came. After a brief stint in advertising he joined the counter culture and gave higher education another shot with assistance from the G.I. Bill. Cornered amongst the emerging conceptualists, he fell under the sway of Manny Farber; cranky painter/film critic. He learned a lot about film, a little about painting and only enough about conceptual art to appreciate a good joke when he heard one. So much for Higher Education. 

He headed to San Francisco in 1973 where he became a co-founder of the Public Media Center. He envisioned himself as a propagandist within the environmental movement using his skills as a designer and a cartoonist. In 1977 he headed to NYC where he spent 30 years at a think tank in the service of the working classes. In 2007 the gig was up, and he moved to Hudson, NY.

In December, 2007, he attended the opening exhibition of the New Museum, Unmonumental, on the Bowery. He returned to Hudson and began his very first foray into the world of more personal, somewhat higher art, producing an installation on Warren Street, Hudson’s main thoroughfare. He called it URmonumental, and it hit the street on July 26, 2008. Documentation in the form of a 44 page full color booklet is housed in the Bard Hessel-CCS archives.

On the Memorial Day weekend of 2009, Saunders began formulating a new identity, an alter ego that would become AxeMan (born on brown paper bags). AxeMan Who Will be 70 in the Year 2010 was published with a grant from Kickstarter in 2010 and was runner-up as best Kickstarter comic of 2011. His work is not nearly finished.

AxeMan Speaks:
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AxeMan: The Care and
Feeding of an Alter EgoImagineo_line.html
AxeMan: Knight 
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