Face-off: Marina Abramovic Takes Tennis Court Oath (redux)

Faceoff: Marina Abramovic Takes Tennis Court Oath in Hudson, NY. Nearly 400 in attendance.08/12/2012. AxeMan’s new neighbor, just one kilometer (6/10 of a mile) away on foot, had a housewarming where she (the artist was present) unveiled plans for the spectacular Marina Abramovic Institute for the Preservation of Performance Art designed by Rem Koolhaas. All she needs is about $15 million to build it, the theory being; david-tennis-court-300x195.jpgBuild it and they will jump aboard Amtrak and come. But when AxeMan introduced the concept of the Tennis Court Oath to several people he knew, he drew blanks. Par for the course; he was often oblique, obscure and arcane. But didn’t they know about the French Revolution? Were they asleep in world history classes? No matter. It’s a happening thing. She handled real art world questions deftly. “Are you aware of the shelter for homeless men a block away?” She said (paraphrasing somewhat), everybody’s gotta be someplace – why not them? It’s a new day in Hudson. Again. AxeMan is looking forward.