Arrivederci Roma? The Sisters vs. the Bishopric(ks).

AxeMan would like to nominate the Nobel Piece Prize to Maureen Dowd for her relentless assault on the Papacy. Since he himself is not a Catholic, or anything else, really, he has no credibility for his own animus. But, since he is only an alter-ego, he takes his liberties where he finds them, unlike  the Bishopric(ks) who take only prisoners and give zero liberties to those who question their authority.

Cardinal Timothy Dolan and his role in buying off pedophile priests in Milwaukee

So AxeMan is thinking, Why don’t American Catholics start the American Catholic Church, and they could begin by censuring (or even excommunicating) Cardinal Timothy Dolan. (Here’s why) On June 18th a contingent of American nuns will begin a nationwide bus tour in protest of a brutal assault from Rome and their American Bishopric(ks). This is reported in America: The National Catholic Weekly. Go girls! And boys!