AxeMan enters MRI; develops x-ray vision

AxeMan’s physician, after a routine
checkup, suggests he get an MRI.8-ball-ergo.jpg It’s covered by Medicare so he
figures, why not? Inside the black
hole, his claustrophobia is
overwhelming. He imagines writing on the wall. Cogito Ergo Sum? I think, therefore I am?  What the hell is that all about?

Never much of  a philosopher, AxeMan is confused when the procedure ends. But, when  he reads a piece in the NY Times Sunday Review section (formerly called  Opinion) he has second thoughts. The story (which is actually called an opinion) is about aging and exercise. The writer seems to suggest that overdoing athletics produces an overly uncivilized character, and perhaps a less literarily dumpy fellow. Since AxeMan has neither aim in life, he is not overly moved. Still,  he does have his pretensions. And he is grateful that His Creator has deemed fit to provide him with this wacky new x-ray vision. He will embrace his expanded role as The Knight of the Living Dread; Behind the 8-ball. (to be continued)