Dementia Pugilista; Welcome to 2014

concussion-IPAD-1024x740.jpgAxeMan, thinking he is impervious to concussions, wonders about The Boss who seems to be losing ‘it’ amongst many other things. His father loved to watch the Friday Night Fights on the Gillette Cavalcade of Sports. He sat next to his father on the bed in front of the TV, watching his father scream like a maniac. And there was a time when The Boss loved football. Mostly it was the images.


Photos dating back to the late 1950s which weren’t so different from the Robert Capa war photos that took up space in his collective unconscious. The images were narratives, dramas unfolding in an instant. As he kid he had few skills and little strength, but he loved the running around doing anything and everything to keep from getting hit. But AxeMan has seen The Boss get a little weepy reading about the legions of men suffering the horrendous brain damage that lead to dementia, Alzheimer’s and suicide. He showed AxeMan a picture in the New York Times year end magazine, The Lives We Lost. George Sauer was a superstar ogeorge-sauer-199x300.jpgf his time in the early 1970s. As it turns out, Sauer hated the game he played so well. It was a family tradition he could not shake. “He didn’t want to be anything but a poet and a writer,” John Dockery, a former Jets teammate and roommate during road games, recalled in a NY Times 2008 interview, “but he was given skills he didn’t want. He wanted something else. He walked away from the money, from everything, because it was too painful for him.”AxeMan didn’t like to see The Boss cry, especially when he was incapable of crying himself. Welcome to 2014.