Dunham, Simmons and Dunham – All in the Family

AxeMan has been placed by his boss/alter ego in a drawer (aka – flat file #60) at Pierogi gallery in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, nestled amongst several hundred other artists. He’s pretty comfortable, but he wouldn’t mind coming up for air now and then. Visitors welcome. If you can’t read the text (kind of small here) you could go to this link on his website to try to fathom it out. Might not be so easy. A gallerist there asked AxeMan’s boss to describe himself. Boss thought for a moment and said, “Non-linear visual narrator.”  “Why not,” said the gallerist, who had failed at first and second glance to get some of the references, which was okay with the Boss. “but I really like how it looks.” all-in-the-family-ipad-1024x744.jpg