Fiction, schmiction.

mantel-300x239.jpgThe Creator gave AxeMan two books. “These are good ones, pal.”  “Are they fiction?” said AxeMan. “Fiction, schmiction. There’s truth everywhere.”
“And lies,” said AxeMan.

Lying is a subject he has been rigorously exploring in his search for his own identity (he either is or has an alter-ego). Having finished both books, he wonders how the Brits got so hoidy-toidy, so Masterpiece Theatre, so to speak, given their violent history, especially regarding their insane and fickle religious compunctions. (more later about beheadings, Thomas Cromwell and his boss, Henry VIII). AxeMan, under TC’s orders, reads the NY Times every day. He pisses and moans, but in fact he likes it. For example, he just read a review of a book called The (Honest) Truth About Dishonesty. He will get around to that one, but first things first. He has fultonsheen.jpgalso learned today that He remembers Sheen as a TV priest during his younger days in the 1950s. AxeMan learns that one of the criteria of sainthood is determining if, after his death, the candidate has interceded on behalf of a live person to bring said live person back to life. Nuts, right? But these are Roman Catholics we’re talking about. So two years ago, in Illinois, a woman gave birth to a stillborn because there had been a knot in the umbilical cord. He was not breathing. In the ambulance the woman started praying, repeating Fulton Sheen in her head, over and over and over. She had seen Bishop Sheen on Youtube during her pregnancy. Sixty-one minutes later the baby started breathing. The Vatican, in all its wisdom, is now considering sainthood for Bishop Youtube. You gotta love these people. (If you can’t get to the NY Times link without paying, the story is also here.)