“Hey, I think there’s ladies here.”

ladies-here.jpgAxeMan had almost no experience with women. Just before returning his Imaginary Friend to his owner, he asked him what he knew about women. “Did you ever have a wet dream?” AxeMan said. “What’s that?” said the IF.  “Not really sure,” said AxeMan.  “I’d like to help you,” said the IF, “but I think Guston wouldn’t let me. He did like to tell this story about a 2000 year-old man.  Somebody asked The 2000 who was the person who discovered the female? The 2000 said, Bernie.”  “Who was Bernie?” AxeMan asked.  “Haven’t a clue,” said 2000, “but as I understand it, one morning, Bernie got up smiling. He said, I think there’s ladies here. Cause in the night, I was thrilled and delighted.”  “I don’t get it,” Said AxeMan.  “Me neither,” said the IF. Recalling that story, AxeMan knew he had a couple of questions for The Creator.