Incognito is over! Everything is visible.

An American Hustle if ever there was one. Thanks to Kickstarter, AxeMan made a new friend in the UK. Then, The Boss appropriated the friend for himself. AxeMan discovered the theft on The Boss’ computer. Apparently the new friend is using this new piece to open his own new project in London on March 14th, 2014. Why? The Boss is in kind of a tizzy. It’s a long story (maybe), and odds are the Brits don’t know shits about Richie Incognito. It has something to do with Fenella Fielding, England’s first lady of the double entendre. He’ll believe it when he sees it. The details remain sketchy, but AxeMan in London? Stranger things have happened. The Boss would cross the pond just to see it, but The Friend says the event is oversubscribed. Believe that and you’ll believe anything.incognito-is-over-WP-1024x738.jpg