Just another day @ the NY Times

The Creator claims to hate the NY Times, yet he reads it daily. If he did not, AxeMan might go hungry. Call The Creator a hypocrite; AxeMan just goes where he’s told.
So, this weekend, The Creator sent him to Citi Field,
the home of the NY Mets, where ultra orthodox Jews
rallied against the internet
Talk about flailing against vindmills. Most of the attendees had cell phones and were browsing for messages as soon as they got off the F train payots.jpg(perhaps the only subway line to service the ball park). Axeman went in mufti (civvies), but first he went to the internet to research just how he should wear his payot. So many choices. So many ultras, (over 40,000) they had to rent the tennis stadium next door in case of an overflow crowd. Or maybe that’s where the vimmen  would sit, since they can’t be amongst the men. But the main gate was as far as he got. “You are not one of us,” said a burly gentleman (his payots were showing, long and spindly) accompanied by several little boys with big, black cowboy hats. So AxeMan had to read all about it in the Monday NY Times. He was sad. Sounded like a great game. Singing, praying, chanting; Down mit der net – down hit der net. Well that’s what it sounded like outside the stadium. On Monday he read the sports section to see if the internet had won or lost. Nothing there. But, Wow! The front section. Up there with the big boys. Seemed like it might have been a tie. Lotsa fellas couldn’t run their businesses without it. Not exactly a surprise. So he skimmed the rest of section A until he found something quite disturbing. An advertisement on the OP-ED page. The Catholic church was calling for some kind of poke in the nose of Jon Stewart who had said, “Maybe women could protect their reproductive organs from unwanted medical intrusions with vagina-manger.jpgvagina mangers.” AxeMan, presuming Stewart’s religious persuasion (he talks about it incessantly) wondered if Stewart might actually have been at the rally, just to protect his own interests, or maybe to hire the burly guy to protect him from The Catholics. Not such a leap. Inquisitions? Crusades? Sexual abuse of children? Moral authority? Chapter and verse!