Knight Vision

Putting logic aside; Descartes before de horse.
Do things in their proper order – if you put the cart in front of the horse, you won’t get anywhere. Descartes used circular logic to explain things (like God and the evil genius). The arguments that establish the trustworthiness of reason (the Cogito Argument) themselves seem to depend on the trustworthiness of reason.knight-of-living-dread.jpg
So AxeMan knows about the derivation of Cogito Ergo Sum, but his search leads him elsewhere. Because the effing NY Times won’t allow him to apply the link he has posted about Plato, he beat the dead horse and turned up another Descartesian bon mot.

AxeMan discovers Descartes philosopy of dualismDualism! How better to consider his faux doppleganger,
his split personality now trebled; yet another Holy Trinity. The Creator, lurking in the background, AxeMan hisself (as George Herriman might have  said), and now,
The Knight of the Living Dread. The dark warrior whose special vision will haunt him, sensitize him to the potential threats of all matter entering his body. He doesn’t recall asking for this inhuman potential. Better to be able to see through walls than to see the walls of his organs as they threaten to deteriorate.