Missing Sarkozy?

Who is this jerk?
Ecstatic that the 17-year drought
was over, AxeMan headed out to
join the celebrants. The streets funneling the minions toward the Bastille were much quieter thanaxemans-void-PP2.jpghe expected until the drivers
(AxeMan thought they all
rode shared velibes these days) announced their arrival from
les banlieus, horns a-blazing.
The next morning he read the
NY Times on line. An Op-ed
piece by someone with the bizarre name of Rosecrans Baldwin
suggested that France would miss
him (not Rosecrans but Sarko).
Could that be an alter-ego for a real person, or did someone really name him that? AxeMan knew several
actual French men and women who cast their votes not AGAINST Sarko but for a man who had stuck to his values. “He [Sarko] loved America, unabashedly, and Elvis, and wasn’t ashamed to say so,” chirped Rosecrans. AxeMan went to Mr. Google to see what was required to renounce his own citizenship, just in case Mutt Romney was able to buy the presidency back home.  What he discovered was that one of the founders of Facebook, Eduardo Saverin, had done just that, pledging his new allegiance to Singapore where the tax structure is more favorable to folks like himself. Boy, if Sarko could get his Mitts on THAT kid! Further research told him that the task would be nigh impossible for a rather poor alter-ego like himself who really had little to contribute to the French in the way of money or anything else, although he did consider the possibility of getting one of those nifty green outfits and cleaning up the poop that the Parisians don’t hold their noses for.