50 Shades of Graves

Two Alter Egos adrift in Pere Lachaise; a work in progress.

AxeMan thought his journey was over, but he now finds himself on the cold ground of Pere Lachaise cemetery in Paris, clueless as to where he is or how he arrived there. Monsieur LaPelle, aka The Shovel, has lived and worked in the cemetery for longer than he can remember. His rituel quotidienbegins outside the gates every morning where he picks up Charlie Hebdo and Liberation at the kiosk. He reads for a while at the Wall of the Martyrs of the Paris Commune of 1871, then retreats back inside to inspect the premises. So begins 50 Shades of Graves. AxeMan speaks no French. LaPelle, however, is quite fluent in English. This will be helpful. This piece, the actual beginning of AxeMan’s next iteration, could have avoided including the current madness, but the author has chosen otherwise. Death is everywhere, is it not?