Uh-oh, spaghetti-o.

pope.jpgHabemus Papam (in our pockets?)
Or as Jon Stewart might say, Hit me if you can find an opening. AxeMan is in a tizzy about the leaked Papal documents. He has a personal stake in the potential brouhaha. At the Millennial celebrations at the Vatican in 2000 he was bushwhacked by an Australian pickpocket. His companion thought it a very bad omen. She, a Jungian, claimed she had seen it coming. You have a tell, she said. You touched your pocket where your wallet was. She knew her stuff. She had a tell also. She told him it was all over.
And then there’s the Papal butler who had a tell, too; or rather a tell-all, and AxeMan is hot to read about it. Admittedly, AxeMan has a thing about the Catholic church. About Catholics he is not prejudiced,holy-stairs.jpg unless they subserve themselves to the Papal authority and try to push their line upon him and/or the rest of us in the name of religious freedom. Freedom for them against us. And that goes for the Evangelicals who are another version of them in a different suit. When he saw the opening scenes 0f Habeus Papam, all those marching cardinals, mostly old and white, but not all, in medium closeup, cloaked in red, hatted in red, solemnly swaying in unison as they proceeded up the marble stairs in the Vatican, he felt hands around his throat.  (Spoiler Alert) The hands were finally released when the newly elected Il Papasaid fuggedaboutit.